Monday, 3 December 2012

Minutes Which Counts...

This is my third blog in last 5 months. I am rated as slow blogger through my domain website. They asked me the reason, I told them I am busy working but actually I don’t have the content. I usually write niche blog for self help. My blog content comes from what I experienced or learned new things. In the past few months I met with big executives what I really called them SUPER executives. They are CEOs, MDs running companies, innovate ideas and make them real. This is the life time experience for me. I met these successful people on the way of finding the path of entrepreneurship for me. They acts as speakers, mentors for us and guide us to step in into entrepreneurship. I called it their concern towards society. No one can pay them for doing this.
The good thing about that event in Hotel Hyatt regency is girls are served you….served drinks..Yes and they served with smile and the evening becomes more unreal for me when these supermen talk with you one on one.
My first conversation is with an Ex-CEO of a multi national IT company. I am holding a glass of scotch covering with blue cotton napkin. I never loose opportunities like these especially when it’s free. I recollected some positive energy on me and step forward to meet him. I think 100, yes, my pulse rate per minute. He saw me.

Helloooo young… He said
Good evening, Sir. I said.
You are future entrepreneur? Isn’t it? He asked.
I chuckled. I am trying for it.
Good. What’s your idea? He asked again.
This is just like an opportunity for me to deliberate all the good things which I learned till date. I told him about my idea. What market needs, who is my end consumer, and how I make my idea ready to use, what is my market anticipation.
He was listening to me.
He said. Never feel that you are talking to a higher level person. It will break the level of your idea. ‘What you believe is your level’. Believe in yourself and your thoughts and don’t leave your level for anyone. I repeat, for anyone. If you find any difficulty to talk with higher level person, imagine him in underwear what I did in my early days. Don’t get me wrong. I am straight. He laughs. He continues, this will helps you to bring that person to your level and once this is done you can speak to him as you would to a friend.
I was listening to him carefully.
I am now scared, how you are picturing me. He said and laughs again.
Did I say something wrong? I asked
Do you think people take advantage of you?
No. Not really. I said in husky voice.
You know, I wonder why so many people feel as if they are being used by someone. I think it is from lack of faith in their fellow workers, supervisors, their friends and sometime family. If you believe the same that others are taking advantage of you or that everyone is against you, look yourself dude. The odds are there is something wrong with you my boy, and if you know you have some fault it’s time to do something about it.

I did not get why he is saying all these to me in reply to my business idea. I don’t think like that I already told him. Actually I am focusing on controlling my pulse rate to come down at least at 80, but my concern is to look confident and intelligent in front of him. I put my both hands in the trouser’s pocket, stand more than straight. Move my head upward and downward with bouted lips (bouted lips means Angeline jolie kinda lips, in general duck kinda lips. It’s not a dictionary word) and then look into the person’s eye. I think ‘stare’ is the right word, stare into that person’s eye. This is my way to keep my nerves down but it never works. Somehow, I managed.
Yes sir, you are right, but I believe in others. I said

How is my business idea, sir? Is it works? I asked.

Don’t depend on the predictions of others. Make your own. You know your business better than others. Work at it. One must learn by doing the thing; for though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try. Without work there can never be success. Unfortunately, the thing that can help people who are failures, or who suffer from boredom, laziness, loneliness and what have you, is often the only thing they won’t try  “Work”. So pick a starting point, if you haven’t already done so, but you have already chosen that is why you are here and then work from there. Starting is not always easy, it is a hardest part of achieving success. You’ll need all your energy just for the starting. You know, only a small percentage of a motor’s powers necessary to run a car, but all its power may be necessary to start it.

Suddenly, another superman went to stage and deliberating speech about what investors, Venture capitalist and Angel investors look into the idea.
Okay young man, its nice meeting you. See you in market. He said
We shook hands.
Thank you sir, thank you very much. I said.

I really appreciate the power of scotch when it exceeded above 250 ml in your body, it really makes you feel that you can do anything. If that mental status would continue with me for one month I definitely do something extra ordinary. I started acting like fearless person and that’s the best feeling for me, inexpressible. Thanks to Johny. I then talked to so many other participants; share each other ideas and experiences. The party and the event went over. I came back home.

Our sponsor organizations who are conducting these events organized one on one video conferencing for mentoring us on skype and provide some reading material to us. It’s a five day involvement and what I learned in those five days are how to execute your plan, how to develop team and how to be passionate about your work.
After completing reading these five days material and conversation on skype I realized, smiled and think….


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