Thursday, 6 June 2013


I would like to thanks all 378 unique viewers of my last blog. It’s only your responses and messages through all communication modes which make me motivated to write another one.

The speed of my blog is just like the journey of my life. It always blows over. Yes, I could not able to make my name in the final list of entrepreneurship program. It went past 4 months, to be more precise 3 months 28 days and 9 hours and I could not able to forget that moment. I was at that time sitting in the chair with my wide open eyes, open mouth, sitting at the edge of the chair, waiting and staring hard to that idiot person who was smiling and announcing the names of the finalist and finally he didn’t call my name. WTF. The experience of that event is inexpressible for me. Suddenly I realized I look like a fool and I quickly changed my gesture and expression. I and others started meeting with one another at the end of the program. I smiled with glued lips and shake hands with many people and fallaciously to one of the security official who was standing near one of the exit gate. He started laughing, I smiled with embarrassment and few others who were standing beside me smiled too. This is the time when I realized how your thoughts and intentions changed your action. That’s exactly what happened with me. I was feeling desolated and disappointed which brings incoherent thinking and my intention was to skip away from there and unguent the lesion of my heart which leads to absurd action. Few leaders came up to the stage and convince those who are not selected, like me, that it is just a starting of your journey. Move on. I think true leaders inspire us to be bigger and do things we are afraid of doing. Those who selected were very happy and some of them can’t control their happiness. They were really very happy. Suddenly my eyes stuck to a guy. Damn, he is selected. How it is possible? He is B.A. in history and completed some stupid correspondence course on computers. I asked to one to whom he was talking. Is he selected? Yes. He replied. His idea is unique and giving a great platform to android app developers. I met with him in previous events of the same program. He is good but got selected in final is quite emergent for me. Then I saw 2 others who were selected too and that was completely against my expectation. No, it’s not jealousy or any complex. These words have no place in my dictionary. I had few conversation with those three previously. I scored higher in the pitching round against them. I scored higher in public speaking round too. I went back home with disappointment. After few days, I checked the official website. I notice the winner names list and their business plan. I looked at them. All plans are good, some are excellent but mine was not bad too. On observing those ideas, I found all ideas are solving bigger problems than what my idea is solving. Those persons whom I assuming ‘not so smart person’ are giving better solutions to make the life easy for customers in their niche skills. The same day I learned the second lesson through the same event that smartness and intelligence is not about pitching in front of investors, it is not about speaking in public. Intelligence is all about ability to solve problems. This spontaneous observation of mine reminded me of my senior project manager where I was previously working in Kolkata. He said, everyone have money problem. You have, I have. If you want to make yourself rich, solve problems. Identifying a problem and creates the opportunity for creating a solution. He was right.

I have decided to move on in my life with holding my dreams. This was the event through which I realized the exact meaning of sadness, discouragement and irritation but fortunately so early I realized the importance of control in my life which is the basic demand of doing something different and bigger. Believe me It’s not easy, man. It requires discipline, focus and stubbornness. Yes, stubbornness.  It’s not comes in a day or in a month at least not for me. It needs time. It needs instinct. My one of the inner desire is to do something in education system of our country where schools taught students about the importance of control in their lives.This is one of the principal reason why so many people are feeling insecure today.We don’t know how to control our lives.This is the big problem of our society but solution comes with smart, creative and mature thinking.

Well, I am still moving and finding opportunity and from last 3 months 28 days 9 hours and now 20 minutes I have been respecting the value of time. I have been learning each day. I have been learning life. I have been learning market. I have been learning finance. I have been learning business. I have been learning technology. I have been learning India and the world. I have been learning values and I have been learning to live my life to the fullest. The more I learn the more I realized how much I don’t know and it’s a strange feeling. Mmm.. mixed emotions. This opportunity failure gives me another eye to see those barricades which are not allowing me to move forward. Few past opportunity failure in the first quarter of my life give me strong feeling that I was behind the learning curve. I saw people of my age farther ahead in their life simply because they had taken their education and professional careers seriously. This failure was my realization that I needed to become a student, to study like I never before.

 I need confidence.  I need more confidence than today. A wise investor said to me:

Every Self confident person is not an entrepreneur but every entrepreneur is a self confident person.

There are two school of thoughts. One said you learn the most when you fail and other said you learn the most when you succeed. Many support the first school, some support the second school. One thing is for sure, either way you will learn.

By taking view of my speed of writing the personal blog, I hope next time when I would write, I will express the learning through my success and not failure.

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